Our current projects and needs

We still need about $750 to finish the third term of 2016, which ends December 31st.

And then, RIGHT AWAY!—

The universities are starting again in January. We have one medical student (already sponsored, thank God!), a nursing student in her first year (she needs a sponsor!), an accounting student in her second of three years (also needs a sponsor!), and a computer student in his final year (needs about $100 per month). Altogether, we need about $1500 for the coming term, most of it right away.

At the end of January, a new high school term will begin— and our 6 kids need another $1200 between them for that. We can pay these fees in three chunks, so if you can help with any part of about $60 per month, that would be fantastic!

Meanwhile, a couple of guys will be starting a computer intensive, and we need another $500 up front for that, and about $60 per month for each of them as well.

One of our students seriously needs an operation on his bladder— $400 for that!

And in South Africa, Patrick and his wife and baby need help with housing and food— that’s another $400 by JANUARY 1, and $400 more by FEBRUARY 1. They are Congolese refugees living in destitution in the slums of Johannesburg. However, Patrick’s work permit should finally come in 6 weeks. He can’t get a job without it, but Patrick “Sensei” has a black-belt in Judo, so the good news is that he’s already got a good job lined up, and he’s just waiting for the work permit, to begin.

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